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000 Introduction: A quick explanation of what MAKE MOVES is all about, why I’m doing it in the first place, a tiny bit about who I am as a person, and a handful of ways you can get involved.

01 Louis Marks, CEO of Ropeadope Records.  Ropeadope is a tenacious indie label that puts the music first, supports the artists who take creative risks, and treats everybody involved like family.  Louis is a dreamer, but the kind of dreamer who does his homework, crunches the numbers , and then finds ways to make the impossible happen.

02 Richard Ross, photographer, researcher, professor of art, and Guggenheim Fellow.  As a photographer, Richard’s resume shows that he has done everything a photographer could ever want.  But his Juvenile-in-Justice project is groundbreaking in the way it has used photographic evidence to shape high level policies on incarcerated youth.

03 Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate a cooperatively-owned fair streaming music service.  Resonate is embracing a radically new way of doing business where all the artists who have skin in the game can make a fair share of the profits, and music fans have revolutionary new ways of participating in success of their favorite artists.

04 Charlie Hunter, iconic musician. Charlie invented a new instrument, a new way of thinking about music, and has carved his own path.  His musical virtuosity is staggering, his credits as a band leader and musical collaborator are delicious, and his new album Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth is coming out soon.  Also, he is funny as hell.

05 Tilden Yamamoto, mastermind behind Tilden, a clothing line and shop that is different on every level.  He designs clean, simple, “if you could only have one _____, it would be this one”pieces of clothing.  He uses fabrics from heritage textile mills in America, Japan, and Europe.  All items are hand cut, one at a time by him, and he sews each piece using only an antique, single needle, straight stitch Singer sewing machine.  Wild.  His focus on craftsmanship does not exist many places in our modern world.  I dig what he does with denim.

06 Fred Toye, Director of mega shows including: West World, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, 11.22.63, Ghost Whisperer, Hawaii Five-O, CSI:NY, Melrose Place, Brothers and Sisters, Lost, Alias, etc. etc. etc.  If you check out iMDb, you will wonder how he squeezed all that work into his years on this planet.  I met him at a pizza place and he couldn’t be a nicer guy.  Thoughtful too.

07 Alex Sheshunoff, author of A Beginners Guide to Paradise. 9 Steps to Giving Up Everything So You Too Can: Move to an Island, Wear a Loin Cloth, Read a Hundred Books, Build a Bungalow, Diaper a Baby Monkey, and Maybe, Just Maybe, Fall in Love.  That’s actually not fiction – he lived it.  He got a big prize for it.  His handy work can also be found in National Geographic Adventure, Slate, Marketplace on NPR, the Anchorage Daily News, and other groovy place.  Oh, and before he got into all of this, he started E-The People, which was the non-partisan precursor to

08 Jason Verlinde, Publisher of Fretboard Journal, which is probably the finest publication available on the topic of fretted instruments (including GUITARS) and the musicians and luthiers who create and animate said instruments.  FJ is a magazine that doubles as a coffee table book.  I like to think of it as the guitar magazine for grown-ups.

09 Leela Cyd is a foodie, photographer, author of Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings, blogger extraordinaire, and wanderer.  Honestly, I can’t quite figure out how to explain her yet.  She does lots of things her own way and makes them all look easy.

10 Pete Muller is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and quantitative hedge fund guru.  Wait, what?  Yeah, you read it correctly.  Pete is a wonderful musician who recently released a new album Two Truths and a Lie.  He is also a Wall Street thought leader and the architect behind much of the modern algorithmic trading paradigm.  And he’s a surfer.  And a  crossword puzzle creator.   And a family man.  And… an interesting interview.

11 Denny Tedesco, Producer of The Wrecking Crew, an award winning documentary about a small, relatively unknown group of Los Angeles musicians who made tons of hits for the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Sonny and Cher, Jan & Dean, The Monkees, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Mamas and Papas, Tijuana Brass, Ricky Nelson, Johnny Rivers, etc.  The only thing more interesting than the story of the movie is why Denny made it.

12 Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer, solo recording artists, side man to many… pretty much one of THE clutch musicians in Los Angeles.  His new album Frogtown is just the entry point into a story that is waiting to be told.  This cat is a creative wanderer who follows his ears.

13 Guest Host Laura Lambert interviews John in this bonus episode.  John shared the key takeaways he learned from each guest and how those lessons-learned are changing his life.

Episodes in Post Production

Howard Paul, Jazz Guitarist, CEO of Benedetto Guitars – a legacy guitar company building some of the finest guitar instruments money can buy.  I interviewed him in an alleyway, along side Damon Mailand, the master builder at Benedetto.  Not even the interruptions from the trains in the background could stop this conversation.  Good stuff.

Scheduled Interviews

Tommy Gelinas, Founder of the Valley Relics Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the [mostly hidden] history of the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles.  Tommy is not your everyday museum curator.  Though, he does have vision and takes action.