Did I mention I got an intern?

So I asked this guy if he would like a career in show business.  I told him I needed help doing terrible and tedious grunt work for free.  He said yes.  I’ve got an intern for the summer.  Meet Noah.  True, he wears to-go boxes on his head, but he says he will wake up before 3PM and help me with audio and production stuff every now and then.  In September he is going to UC Berkeley to study Physics.  I’d like to think he will remember his short time with MAKE MOVES forever, but he might not.  We’ll see.

Talking to strangers…

I’m doing this!  I’ve got one interview in the can.  Episode #1 is in post production.  I have almost a dozen interview commitments – most from people I don’t know in my regular life.  Podcasting is a great excuse to talk with strangers.  I’m having lots of fun.  Less sleep than normal, but more fun.  I’ll start naming names as the episodes come out of post production.  Here is a hint about episode #1.


BANG! I’m in the podcast game…


Having a podcast is a great way to justify talking with strangers.  Marc Maron gave me the idea.  I ordered some mics, the Amazon Fairies dropped a package on my porch, and… BANG!  I’m in the podcast game.

I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing yet, but I think I can figure it out.  So far everything is falling into place.  The technology isn’t too difficult.  Everybody I ask to interview says YES, which is nuts, because some of them are in a league of their own.

This is all pretty exciting for me.  Hopefully it is at least mildly entertaining for you.  Follow along and see what happens.