MAKE MOVES 05: Tilden Yamamoto, fashion mastermind behind Tildenshop

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Episode 5 Tilden Yamamoto

MAKE MOVES Episode 06 features an interview with Tilden Yamamoto, the fashion mastermind behind Tildenshop.  Tilden talks with John about his unique approach to fashion design, his commitment to old-world craftsmanship, and his tech savvy business model.  He designs and sews all of his clothes – himself! – on an old fashioned single needle sewing machine, but he has a modern global mindset and international distribution through uses of technology like Instagram.  Continue reading

MAKE MOVES 04: Charlie Hunter, Iconic Musician, Innovator, Family Man

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Episode 4 Charlie Hunter

In Episode 4, Charlie Hunter sits down with John to discuss how his life decisions have shaped him as a musician, what it is like to straddle the line between being an artist and a family man, and he gives a quick intro to his new album Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth, which was recently released on GroundUP Music.  Get the full interview HERE on iTunes, HERE on Stitcher, or Download HERE. Continue reading