MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.9 feat. John Lee Dumas, Podcast Jedi, Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, Can-do Kinda Guy

1280 X 720 VIDEO S2.09

MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.9 feat. John Lee Dumas, Podcast Jedi, Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, Can-do Kinda guy.  Listen to the full interview

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JLD discusses:

  • Starting the top-ranked podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • What went through his mind when taking the big leaps
  • Celebrating small wins
  • How a podcast led to 13-revenue streams and $4M/year in revenue
  • Keying into other people’s interests
  • Podcasters’ Paradise – the largest podcast community in the world (3,000+ members)
  • Life after financial security and location independence
  • The big question:  WHY?
  • Freedom

Some things I hope you will check out…

John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneurs on Fire Website

freedom journalUseful products available on the EOFire Website.  Cool tools like the Freedom Journal, and the Mastery Journal — these can help you plan and execute your goals.



Tons of free resources on the EOFire Website, including my favorite, JLD’s FREE PODCAST COURSE.  He offers a bunch of useful online courses — many of them are free, all of them are worth the time.

podcast launch

The #1 podcast book on Amazon — Podcast Launch.

Podcast ParadisePodcasters’ Paradise, the largest podcast community in the world!  The place to be for serious podcaster.

Connect with John Lee Dumas on Facebook HERE.  Follow EOFire on Facebook HERE.

Cool Music Alert

With permission, this episode features some of the tune Ink Trails off of Sinuous’ album Throwbacks.  Sinuous — the cat behind Sinuous Productions — is a really interesting dude.  Definitely worth checking out this album and others, such as The Jazz Council, which is an underground masterpiece.


If you are reading this far down — YOU MUST WANT THE PODCAST LINKS I MENTIONED IN EPISODE 9!!!!

I use all of these products.  I like them a lot.

The Basics for Skype Interviews…

$64.00 Audio Technica ATR 2100 USB + XLR Mic:

$12.50 Neewer Swing Arm Mic Stand:

$2.95 On-Stage Foam Pop Filter:

$29.95 Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype:

$91.96 Audio Technica Headphones (these are kinda fancy, there are cheaper models for about $40):

Some great options for a mobile interview setup…

$129.00 Shure MV88 mic for iPhone (high quality to record group conversations, music performances, etc.):

$64.98 Rode SmarLav+ lavalier mic for iPhone (two of these and a Rode Breakout Box make a great mobile interview setup for high quality 2-person interviews):

$21.99 Rode Breakout Box for iPhone (allows you to plug in two SmartLav+ mics and headphones).  Nifty little gadget.  Works great.

Monthly fee based services for podcasting…

Libsyn Podcast Hosting — many pro podcasters use this service to host their podcasts.  I did a tone of research and this is what I chose after reading everything.  It starts at $5 a month.  No contracts.  You can adjust your plan as your podcast grows (or shrinks).  This podcast costs about $20/month to host.  The service and tutorials they provide are fantastic.  Tim Ferris uses it.  Marc Maron uses it.  Save yourself the time of wondering what to do and just go with Libsyn.

Sooner or later you will need a website.  The website you are looking at is through WordPress.  It cost me about $1.50 a month!!!! The new rates are about $4.00 a month!  Some plans go up to about $20 a month.  It costs less than a cup of coffee per month.  Don’t sweat it!

I think I’ll try to do my next website upgrade through Squarespace.  That’s what Marc Maron uses for the WTF podcast.  He’s doing a pretty good job with the whole podcasting thing.  $12-18/month


If you are tight on cash but want to get started podcasting immediately, you might want to consider getting the BossJock App for iPhone or iPad.  It costs $9.99.  Then consider pairing it with a simple economy mic for your iPhone (look in the $20-30 range).  Personally, I find it hard to edit on an iPhone or iPad, but if $$$ is an obstacle… find a way!!!

I do all of my own design work on with Canva.  It is free!  It is easy to use!  I love it!

My email is currently hosted for free on Zoho.  Great functionality.  However, I do plan to transition to a branded Gmail account soon.

You definitely don’t need a digital audio interface to run a podcast, but they do come in handy sometimes.  I got a Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2-channel USB recording interface  for about $100.  It works beautifully for running 2-channel audio livestreams on Facebook, or to use fancy non-USB mics to record interviews.  I plugged my guitar into it and recorded my own theme music.  It is Mac compatible with no snags.  The onboard mic preamps are great!  For $100?  Amazing.

Questions or Feedback?  Want to talk shop?

Hit me up!!!  Email through the contact page of this website or connect on any of the social media platforms (just search MAKE MOVES with JOHN and I’ll be there).

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