MAKE MOVES Bonus Episode 13: Season Wrap Up feat. John Hammond & Guest Host Laura Lambert

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Bonus Episode 13 (1)

MAKE MOVES Bonus Episode 13 – Season 1 Wrap Up.  Guest host Laura Lambert interviews John about his key takeaways from each episode in Season 1 and how his lessons-learned are changing his life.  Full interview on iTunes: or  download: 

For the first time ever, MAKE MOVES has a guest host — Laura Lambert flips the mic on John and asks him a bunch of questions for a change.  Laura and John, friends of 15 years, have an easy but revealing conversation.  Reflecting back on Season 1, John revisits interviews with 12 guests including:

Louis Marks, CEO of Ropeadope Records

Richard Ross, Photographer, Researcher, Professor of Art, Guggenheim Fellow

Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate

Charlie Hunter, Iconic Musician, Innovator, Family Man

Tilden Yamamoto, Fashion Mastermind Behind Tildenshop

Frederick E.O. Toye, TV+Film Director, Master Storyteller, and Nice Person

Alex Sheshunoff, Author of A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise

Jason Verlinde, Publisher of Fretboard Journal

Leela Cyd, Photographer, Foodie, Cookbook Author, Life Artist

Pete Muller, Singer, Songwriter, Quant Hedgefund Legent, Doer

Denny Tedesco, Producer of the Wrecking Crew

Anthony Wilson, Guitarist, Composer, Creative Wanderer, and Sideman to the Heavies

With permission of Ropeadope Records, this episode features a bit of the title track off of Michael Blake’s new album, Red Hook Soul.


You can pick up that album HERE on Bandcamp or HERE on iTunes.  You can learn more about Michael Blake on Facebook or at his website.


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