MAKE MOVES 09: Leela Cyd, Photographer, Foodie, Cookbook Author, Traveler, & Life-artist


MAKE MOVES 09 feat. Leela Cyd – photographer, foodie, cookbook author, traveler, and all around life-artist. Full interview on iTunes here: Or you can stream it online here:

Leela talks about her book Food with Friends: The art of simple gatherings. She also shares some candid thoughts about finding the beauty of imperfection, the value of family support, the joys of travel, being on her business game, and how life struggles were the path to finding herself. Also, Leela unpacks the concept of “mansplaining” for John and shares a story about greasing a turkey that had been sitting out at room temperature for days.

You can purchase Food with Friends: The art of simple gatherings HERE.

You can learn more about Leela on her WEBSITE or check out her INSTAGRAM.

With permission of Ropeadope Records, this episode features a bit of the tune Dachshund off of Adam & Kizzie‘s album The Book of EEDO, Volume 2.  You can pick that up HERE on iTunes, or HERE on Bandcamp.  You can connect with Adam&Kizzie on Facebook, Instagram, or on their Website.


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