MAKE MOVES 08: Jason Verlinde, Publisher of Fretboard Journal

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Episode 8 Jason Verlinde.png

Episode 08 features Jason Verlinde, Publisher of Fretboard Journal.  A full interview is available HERE on iTunes, or you can stream it HERE online.

Jason provides an interesting perspective on chasing the things he loves.  He is the publisher of Fretboard Journal, a magazine he started with passion.  Fretboard Journal is a sophisticated and beautiful publication geared toward die-hard fans of all-things-guitar.  Jason talks about leaving a good career to start a magazine from the ground up, risks and sacrifices, building and being part of a community, and he sheds a little light on what it is like to be a father and husband while taking the road less traveled.

You can check out the Fretboard Journal at or on Facebook HERE, or on Twitter HERE.  You can learn more about the Fretboard Summit HERE online.

Mentions: Michael John Simmons, Blake Mills, Surfers Journal, John Fahey, Derek Trucks, Earl Scruggs, Nels Cline, Bill Frissell, and Fretboard Summit.

With permission of Ropedope-Sur Records, this episode features a bit of the tune En La Noche from Loli Molina’s album Rubi. You can explore and purchase Loli’s music HERE on Bandcamp or pick up her album Rubi HERE on iTunes.  You can connect with Loli HERE on Facebook or HERE on Twitter @lolimolinamusic.  You can learn more about Ropeadope-Sur HERE on the web, HERE on Facebook, or HERE on Twitter @Ropeadope-Sur.

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