MAKE MOVES 03: Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate


In this episode, John talks with Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate, a cooperatively owned fair streaming music service that puts musicians and fans back in the equation.  Peter explains how Resonate is employing cutting edge blockchain technology, a revolutionary distributed-collaborative organizational model, and a simple concept — STREAM TO OWN — to change the shape of the music industry.  Full interview on iTunes HERE or download HERE. Continue reading

MAKE MOVES Episode 000


MAKE MOVES Episode 000 just went live!  Check it out HERE.

In this prelude to the first episode of MAKE MOVES, I explain the goal of the show, a little about why I am doing it, and provide a little bit of explanation of who I am and why this all feels so important to me.  Enjoy!  It felt weird to talk about myself into a microphone, but I think it turned out OK.

Alright, we are LAUNCHED!!!

Did I mention I got an intern?

So I asked this guy if he would like a career in show business.  I told him I needed help doing terrible and tedious grunt work for free.  He said yes.  I’ve got an intern for the summer.  Meet Noah.  True, he wears to-go boxes on his head, but he says he will wake up before 3PM and help me with audio and production stuff every now and then.  In September he is going to UC Berkeley to study Physics.  I’d like to think he will remember his short time with MAKE MOVES forever, but he might not.  We’ll see.

Lessons: Slow Readers Interviewing Authors


I just had my sixth interview with a really funny author.  More about him later.  Lesson learned about interviewing authors — it takes me a lot of TIME to read their books before the interview.  So, unless I get an intern to read a bunch of books for me and tell me what they are about, I can’t interview too many authors in too short a span of time.  Unless they write really short books or picture books.  Then I could probably handle it.