MAKE MOVES 03: Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate


In this episode, John talks with Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate, a cooperatively owned fair streaming music service that puts musicians and fans back in the equation.  Peter explains how Resonate is employing cutting edge blockchain technology, a revolutionary distributed-collaborative organizational model, and a simple concept — STREAM TO OWN — to change the shape of the music industry.  Full interview on iTunes HERE or download HERE.

Peter reveals some of his motivations and a few very personal questions he has wrestled with while tackling a huge project on behalf of hundreds of thousands of musicians and fans.

If you want to connect with Resonate, or dig deeper into this disruptive-but-cool new blockchain technology, these links are just for you!!!

Check out Resonate here:


Resonate on Twitter @resonatecoop

Resonate on Facebook @resonatecoop

More info on how Resonate uses blockchain technology:

Peter mentions a few geek-chic things…


Music Tech Fest:

Finally, Peter has an alter ego, Dr. Atomic, that produces electronica.  With permission of Dr. Atomic, this episode features a bit of the song Luminescence.  You can download a ton of electronica from Dr. Atomic’s site for free:

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