POSTCARDS: Louis Marks, CEO @ Ropeadope


I try to keep up with the guests that come on MAKE MOVES.  Seems like the right thing to do.  I got back in touch with Louis Marks the other day.  There is a lot to learn from that guy.  If you haven’t heard his interview yet, you should check it out on iTunes HERE or download HERE.  Since the interview, Louis and Ropeadope have been busy over the last year.  I saw him in New York in January during Winter Jazz Fest.  I witnessed it myself; he goes nonstop.  Ropeadope has released 65 albums this year — SIXTY FIVE!

I asked Louis what was in the hopper right now.  He blurted out, “Trevor Lawrence Jr.”  If you don’t already know, look him up.  He’s a monster musician who’s played with everybody: Snoop Dog, Alica Keys, Herbie Hancock, Jennifer Lopez, Dizzy Gillespie, Dr. Dre, Taj Mahal… you get it — EVERYBODY.  When he wanted to make his own album, where did he go?  Ropeadope.

What else is happening?  Christian Scott, the massively influential jazz trumpeter, is partnering with Ropeadope to launch his own label imprint — Stretch Music.  I can’t say who is first to be released on Stretch Music, but I can say that I saw her at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles and she was on another level.

Before signing off, Louis mysteriously said, “Keep your eyes on Rolling Stone next Friday.  There’s going to be an announcement.”  I wasn’t sure exactly what he was talking about, but I tried to play it cool and not ask.  I’m so not-cool!  I should have asked.

It is fun getting updates from Louis.

More updates on MAKE MOVES guests to follow shortly.  Stay tuned.

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