POSTCARDS: Richard Ross, Photographer behind Juvenile-in-Justice


I talked with Richard Ross today.  Since his interview, he is still kicking ass.  If you haven’t heard his episode, check it out HERE on iTunes or DOWNLOAD HERE.

So what’s new?  A new book is out: Juvie Talk.  …but it’s more than a book.

Check it out on the Juvenile-in-Justice website.  To better serve the purpose of changing the lives of kids and influencing policy, Richard pushed the book concept a few steps further.  It’s also a website.  And it has been adapted for theater.  And it is a curriculum for kids.  MAKE MOVES!

I found this blurb…


Juvie Talk is the third book of the award winning in Justice series. This book and accompanying website are meant to be a curricular tool for a discussion of human rights, mass incarceration and the potential for children to succeed. While it is important to be able to empathize with these kids, it is also critical to realize there are multitudes of ways the words can be spoken, and even be rewritten.

To more directly share this experience, we have partnered with Peter Sellars to offer ideas about the nature of theater and roles. These are not specific stage directions. The final production is left to the director/teacher and student/actor. Much of the stage direction will be suggested online and include images, audio and video that can be included in any production from classroom to auditorium.

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