POSTCARDS: Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate Streaming Media


Peter Harris and I traded a few emails last week.  Resonate is making huge strides!  If you haven’t heard Peter’s interview yet, check it out HERE on iTunes, HERE on Stitcher, or HERE for Download.

So what’s new with Peter and Resonate?

Peter sounded optimistic.  It was obvious to me that he is in grind-mode all the time.  So much to do when solving a huge problem for the entire music industry!  Can you believe that Resonate has signed up:

  • 1150 musicians
  • 153 labels
  • 245 new fans
  • 267 listener members
  • 47 marketplace members
  • 7 curators
  • 8 consultants
  • 12 core team

When I first talked to Peter, this was just an idea.  Now it is real!  AND he has buy-in from serious stakeholders.  MAKE MOVES!!!

As a cooperative, they are very transparent about all of their activity.  Check out what they have coming next here:

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