POSTCARDS: Tilden Yamamoto, fashion + design mastermind behind Tildenshop

Postacard 4

I talked with Tilden on the phone to see how he is doing.  He’s such a nice guy.  We talked about fly fishing for a few minutes, then he shared some interesting updates.  If you haven’t heard his interview yet, check it out HERE on iTunes, HERE on Stitcher, or Download HERE.

Tilden was recently in New Orleans, which looked like a good time based off of his Instagram Pictures.  But now that he’s back, he’s working on a big apron project.  Oooohhh.  Check it out.  I wan’t a shop apron for tinkering in my garage or BBQ activities.


He’s also been doing more accessories like duffels, and he told me he’s designing more women’s apparel.  You should check out his Instagram HERE to see the most recent stuff.  It is really fun looking… but here a some favorites of mine.




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