MAKE MOVES 05: Tilden Yamamoto, fashion mastermind behind Tildenshop

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Episode 5 Tilden Yamamoto

MAKE MOVES Episode 06 features an interview with Tilden Yamamoto, the fashion mastermind behind Tildenshop.  Tilden talks with John about his unique approach to fashion design, his commitment to old-world craftsmanship, and his tech savvy business model.  He designs and sews all of his clothes – himself! – on an old fashioned single needle sewing machine, but he has a modern global mindset and international distribution through uses of technology like Instagram. 

Seriously, check out Tilden’s Instagram @tildenshop; it has the feel of a farmer’s market where everyday something new is fresh and in season.  Genius.  Tilden is doing something that nobody else is doing, and by learning about who he is, his motivations become clear.  Impeccable construction.  Hard to source fabrics.  Clothing as art?  Yep.  Pretty much, both in process and product.  Tilden’s unique approach to fashion design and clothing has been blessed by people around the globe, and fresh culture ambassadors like B-Real and Terrace Martin.

Tilden is also tied into a network of niche suppliers.  In his interview, he explains the necessary set of relationships required to run a one man shop with a global reach.  Tilden relies on places like Stone Mountain Fabrics and Pacific Blue Denims.  Although he i

With permission of Ropeadope Records, this episode features Fresh Cut Orchestra’s song Mother’s Love off their album From the Vine You can pick that up on Bandcamp or iTunes.  Their new album, Mind Behind Closed Eyes, drops any day now.  You can preorder that on Bandcamp or iTunes.

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