MAKE MOVES 12.1: Anthony Wilson, Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist, Creative Wanderer, and Sideman to the Heavies.

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MAKE MOVES 12.1 feat. Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer, and creative wanderer who follows his ears.  Full interview on iTunes: or download:

Anthony gives John a broad overview of his wide ranging career, explains why his creative compass required him to dismantle his jazz identity, and he unpacks his approach to writing and arranging music so that solos emerge out of the context of the song. He discusses his role as a sideman to many mega-famous artists and talks through an example of how his musical relationship with Diana Krall shifted from sideman to contributor. Finally, Anthony discusses the motivation behind his newest album Frogtown, which leads into some deep conversation about his family and childhood, as well as a fascinating perspective on how he incorporates stories and the narrative-form into his songwriting.

Some names that came up in the conversation:  John Pisano Pete Christlieb Diana Krall Joe Bagg Donald Vega Alan Ferber Gilbert Castellanos Billy Higgins Russell Malone Bobby Hutcherson Willie Nelson @barbarastreisand Paul McCartney Jim Keltner Matt Otto Matt Zebley #haroldland Brad Mehldau

Part 2 is coming soon!

With Anthony’s permission, Part 1 of Episode 12 features some of the tune Our Affair off of Anthony’s most recent album Frogtown.    You can purchase Frogtown on Bandcamp HERE or on iTunes HERE. John did.  Totally worth it.


Also featured was a bit of his tune Hymn.  You can hear the full tune live – in all of its glory – HERE on YouTube.  Or you can buy the recorded version HERE and support musicians who make daring music.

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Anthony has a bunch more albums out.  You can learn more about a few of them HERE on ANTHONY’S BANDCAMP PAGE.  All of his music is something special to hear — but each album very different… check them out.

You can learn more about Anthony on his WEBSITE, or connect with him on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.  He shares lots of interesting content online and posts dates for upcoming gigs.

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