MAKE MOVES 12.2: Anthony Wilson, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Creative Wanderer.

1280 X 720 VIDEO SCREEN Episode 12.2 Anthony Wilson.png

MAKE MOVES 12.2 feat. Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer, arranger, and creative wanderer.  Full interview on iTunes: or download:

Anthony describes his early childhood fascination with music and sketches out the balancing act of being a free spirit and a disciplined practitioner of music.  Anthony reveals some candid thoughts with John about his father-son relationship with Gerald Wilson, the great jazz luminary.  There is some nuanced and slightly heady conversation about the movement of individual voices throughout harmonic structures.  Anthony describes the various stages of his musical education, including the things he learned about the guitar from  legendary guitar teacher Ted Greene.  The interview closes with some soul searching statements about taking creative risk and being artistically vulnerable.

With Anthony’s permission, episode 12 part 2 features a portion of the songs Arcadia and Shabby Bird, which are off his most recent album Frogtown. You can pick up the album HERE on Bandcamp or HERE on iTunes.


Anthony has a bunch more albums out.  You can learn more about a few of them HERE on ANTHONY’S BANDCAMP PAGE.  All of his music is something special to hear — but each album very different… check them out.

You can learn more about Anthony on his WEBSITE, or connect with him on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.  He shares lots of interesting content online and posts dates for upcoming gigs.

During his interview, Anthony mentioned the book Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper. Sounds like an interesting read.  You can pick that up HERE.



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