MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.8 feat. Alan Kozlowski, Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician, Seeker

1280 X 720 VIDEO S2.08

MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.8 feat. Alan Kozlowski, Photographer, Film Maker, Musician, and Seeker.  Listen to the full interview

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Alan discusses:

  • His career that spans photography, filmmaking and film industry, music, and then some
  • His approach to being immersed in the moment
  • A lifelong friendship with Ravi Shankar
  • Losing everything and staring over
  • Working with Rock and Roll royalty
  • Finding the right teachers
  • Using the right tool for the job
  • Winning Oscars
  • Passing down musical knowledge from heart-to-heart
  • Going all-in for the things he loves

Here are a few pics of Alan off of his websites…

You can learn more about Alan Kozlowski on his websites: or  

You can follow Alan on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.



With permission, this episode features a segment of the tune Pineapple Express off of U.S. Elevator’s self titled album.

You can learn more about U.S. Elevator or purchase their merchandise HERE on their website.  You can download their tunes HERE on iTunes.

You can follow U.S. Elevator HERE on Facebook or HERE on Instagram.

Alan references a great tune title Old Man Trump in his interview… You can check that out HERE on Youtube.

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