Lessons: Park in Shade+Slow the F Down


I learned a few things the hard way.  First, if you are going to record podcasts in your car, and you need to keep the windows rolled up to cut out the background noise of traffic, and you live in a hot climate… PARK IN THE SHADE! 

Duh.  I must have looked ridiculous.  Parked in the YMCA parking lot.  Sitting alone in my car.  Big puffy head phones on.  Talking into a microphone.  Parked in the sun.  Windows up.  Sweating.  Passers-by must have thought I was an idiot.  Felt like a chihuahua that was locked in the car by his owner.  Just waiting for somebody to let me out.  But who is going to save a crazy looking, sweaty, microphone carrying guy, who decided to park in the YMCA parking lot?  Nobody.  Next time, I’ll park in the shade.

The other lesson I learned, while sweating out all of my electrolytes, was to SLOW THE F#%& DOWN.  I was recording an introduction to episode #1.  Of course, I was hot as hell and I wanted to be done and I was talking as fast as I could.  I kept getting to the end of my sentence and having no idea what to say next.  Then I had to start over.  It took about 30 minutes of trial and error before I realized that I was talking faster than I could think.  The heat didn’t help.  So, I tried slowing down.  It worked.  One take.  Done.  Note to self:  SLOW THE F#%& DOWN.

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