POSTCARDS: Leela Cyd, Photographer, Foodie, Author, Life Artist


I traded emails with Leela Cyd last week to get an update since her interview.  Her work ethic is on another level.  If you haven’t hear her interview yet, check it out HERE on iTunes, HERE on Stitcher, or DOWNLOAD HERE. 

Sooo, to start, Leela had a baby!  Wow.

She also released a new cookbook with her pal Anne Parker.  In Leela style, it is called, “Cooking Up Trouble: Recipes to Nourish Women.”  100% of the profits will benefit Planned Parenthood, a service that really needs our help right now.  I’m not sure where all of you are on the political and moral spectrum, but I think what Leela did is cool — she used her creative power to support something she believes in!!!  If you believe in women’s rights, you can snatch up a copy or two HERE.  If you don’t believe in women’s rights, you will probably enjoy the recipes anyway.  Of course, loved the book and was promoting it HERE.


AND, who does the NY Times look to when they need advice on food stuffs?  Right.  Leela!  She get’s quoted HERE in the article, “The Secret to a Great Potluck?  It’s not the Food.”

Leela is cool.

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