MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.13: Daniel Zhu – Founding Member of Stance Social Media & Broadcasting, Digital-Creative

280 X 720 VIDEO S2.12 (3)

MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.13 feat. Daniel Zhu, Co-founder of Stance Social Media & Broadcasting, Digital Creative, + BBoy.

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Daniel discusses:

  • Running a social media company dedicated to motion sports: hip hop dance, breaking, tricking, & parkour
  • Being an outsider who fell in love with breaking
  • The idea of BBoy culture being underground + maintstream simultaneously
  • How music shapes dance
  • The ways Bboy cultures brings people together
  • Where BBoy culture is going
  • The parallel between breaking and skateboarding
  • The role respect plays in gaining access to the best breaking
  • High profile figures like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris taking notice of breaking
  • Dancers that are pushing the boundaries
  • Balancing between Stance and working a real job
  • The kind of validation a social media maker craves
  • How new generations are taking up social media

With permission, this episode features BBoy/BGirl Mix by DJ Fleg.

Some things Daniel Mentioned:

UDEF Pro Breaking Tour

Freestyle Session

BBoy Pocket


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Daniel Zhu


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