MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.3 feat. Charles Phoenix, Showman, Humorist, & Americana Ambassador

1280 X 720 VIDEO S2.03

MAKE MOVES S2 Ep.3 feat. Charles Phoenix, showman, humorist, and Americana ambassador.  Full interview on iTunes, Stitcher, or Download HERE.

Charles discusses many things including:

  • Celebrating classic and kitchy American life and style
  • How mid-century modern is his muse
  • His book Addicted to Americana
  • Approaching the world as a themepark
  • Looking through the layers of time
  • His measures of success
  • Finding treasures and time warps
  • Meeting Huell Howser
  • Why he switched from historian to entertainer
  • Being a visual learner
  • Disguising history as humor and humor as history

You can learn more about Charles Phoenix on his website HERE.

His social media is VERY entertaining.  I encourage you to connect with him HERE on Facebook and HERE on Instagram.

I think the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen is hilarious!  You can find that HERE on Charle’s Youtube Channel.

cereal charles

With permission of Ropeadope Records, this episode features a tune by Leon Foster Thomas called “Dubplate Swing” off the album “Metamorphosis.”  

LFT Album

You can pick up that album HERE on Bandcamp or HERE on iTunes.  You can learn more about Leon Foster Thomas on his website HERE, or connect with him HERE on Facebook or HERE on Twitter.


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